Welcome to The Fresh Perspective Community!

Sometimes you just need a Fresh Perspective to reach that new level in your business!

About The Fresh Perspective Business Community

We believe in community over competition, and most times all you need is a Fresh Perspective to reach that new level in your business. As business owners we tend to be so close to our businesses that we can't see them from afar, that is where this community comes in, each member has a different perspective, different ideas, and a knowledge to share, and in this community, we value that!

Why You Belong Here

Building a business can be lonely, stressful, and a ton of work. Especially when you are starting out, there is no road map to follow and sure as heck no one to hold your hand.

That is why The Fresh Perspective Business Community focuses on learning, the more you can educate yourself, the more prepared you will be when challenges come, and having this strong community of women to lean on and learn from eases those start-up and growing pains.

Every month we have a fun and educational virtual meet-up where we feature a Community Member. We invite her to share her story, her business, and her lessons so we can implement those lessons in our own businesses.

Also included is TFP hosted monthly mastermind calls to get fresh perspectives, brainstorm content ideas, learn new strategies, deep dive into popular topics, and learn from experts in their industries.

Let's not forget the most fun part of all! A message of motivation served up on a cute t-shirt, delivered to your door every month! We promise it's guaranteed to make you smile and be the only thing you'll ever want to wear!

The more knowledge you have, the more confident you'll feel and the more equipped you will be to push through on the tough days and face any challenge head-on. Providing value is the core of our community and that is what you can expect from everyone in The Fresh Perspective Business Community.

We are here to let you know you are not alone, you can turn to this community and know we are going to lift you up when you are down, provide practical steps, fresh perspectives, friendships, and support.

Gain the confidence, keep pushing, become a mindset master, and grow the business of your dreams.  

A Big Thanks

When you become a member of The Fresh Perspective you will be greeted with a 30 minute one on one call with me so I can learn about your business, your struggles and get a plan of attack in place so you can take full advantage of the resources this community provides!

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